DSE fails to start

When authentication is enabled, DSE fails to start with error "com.google.inject.CreationException: Unable to create injector".

The DataStax Enterprise Help Center also provides troubleshooting information.

DSE verifies authentication services during start up. When a service is not available, such as Kerberos or LDAP, that has been set as a default_scheme or other_schemes in the authentication_options, the following error appears in the log:
ERROR [main] 2017-03-08 17:03:33,482  DseModule.java:97 - {}. Exiting...

com.google.inject.CreationException: Unable to create injector, see the following errors:

1) An exception was caught and reported. Message: The dse service keytab at this location resources/dse/conf/dse.keytab either doesn't exist or cannot be read by the dse service
at com.datastax.bdp.DseModule.configure(Unknown Source)

1 error

To allow DSE to properly start either ensure that the service is available or remove it from the configuration.