Setting system properties during startup

Modify DataStax Enterprise system properties from the startup command line or file.


The location of the jvm.options file depends on the type of installation:
Package installations /etc/dse/cassandra/jvm.options
Tarball installations installation_location/resources/cassandra/conf/jvm.options
Use the system property (-D) switch to modify the DataStax Enterprise (DSE) settings during start up.
Tip: To automatically pass the settings each time DSE starts, uncomment or add the switch to the jvm.options file.


Change the start up parameters using the following syntax:
  • Command line:
    dse cassandra -Dparameter_name=value
  • jvm.options file:
  • file:
    JVM_OPTS="$JVM_OPTS -Dparameter_name=value"
Warning: Only pass the parameter to the start-up operation once. If the same switch is passed to the start operation multiple times, for example from both the jvm.options file and on the command line, DSE may fail to start or may use the wrong parameter.


Starting a node without joining the ring:
  • Command line:
    dse cassandra -Dcassandra.join_ring=false
  • jvm.options:
Replacing a dead node:
  • Command line:
    dse cassandra -Dcassandra.replace_address=
  • jvm.options: