Verifies the SSTable for a designated table.

The sstableverify utility verifies the SSTable for a designated table and look for errors or data corruption.

sstableverify [--debug | --extended | --help | --verbose] keyspace | table
SStable tools are located in the Cassandra tools directory.
Tip: SSTable tools work offline from the DataStax Enterprise database. If you need to pass a JVM parameter, specify it in the command line. For example, to change the max heap size:
MAX_HEAP=2g sstabletoolname

Cassandra tools directory

The default location of the Cassandra tools depends on the type of installation:
  • Package installations: /usr/bin/
  • Tarball installations: installation_location/resources/cassandra/tools/bin


Choose a table to verify.
sstableverify --verbose cycling cyclist_name