Search system properties

DataStax Enterprise Search system properties.

DataStax Enterprise (DSE) Search system properties.
Set the timeout in seconds for native driver search core management calls using the dsetool search-specific commands.

Default: 600 (10 minutes).
Sets the number of Search queries that can execute in parallel. Consider increasing this value or reducing client/driver requests per connection if EnqueuedRequestCount does not stabilize near zero.

Default: The default is two times the number of CPUs (including hyperthreading).
Set the path to store DSE Search data. See Set the location of search indexes.
The DSE Search per-segment filter cache is moved off-heap by using native memory to reduce on-heap memory consumption and garbage collection overhead. The off-heap filter cache is enabled by default. To disable, set to false to pass the offheap JVM system property at startup time. When not set, the default is true.

Default: true