Accessing search indexes from Solr Admin UI (deprecated)

Permissions required to view search indexes from the Solr Admin UI in an authorization enabled environment.

When DataStax Enterprise authorization is enabled, access to search indexes (cores) is restricted from the Solr Admin UI. You must grant permissions to roles of Solr Admin UI users for HTTP operations.
Table Required permissions Operation
solr_admin.solr_resources SELECT Read a resource
solr_admin.solr_resources MODIFY Write a resource
core table ALTER Stop core reindex
core table SELECT Query core and all remaining admin query operations on core
core table MODIFY Commit and delete
Tip: Permissions are inherited. Granting permissions on a keyspace allows users with that role to access all tables in the keyspace.


To grant permission to read resources:
GRANT SELECT ON solr_admin.solr_resources 
          TO role_name;