Sending OpsCenter metrics to a Graphite server

Configure sending metrics from OpsCenter to a Graphite server. This is an OpsCenter Labs feature in development.

Configure forwarding metrics from OpsCenter to a Graphite server. This is an OpsCenter Labs feature (that is, under ongoing development but available for use). OpsCenter pushes metrics at a hard-coded interval of 60 seconds.

Graphite stores time-series data and renders static graphs of the data. If your organization uses Graphite in its reporting infrastructure, you can easily integrate the data collecting power of OpsCenter with the open source Graphite monitoring tool.

OpsCenter versions 6.1.2 and later provide the ability to bypass storing metrics in the rollup tables of the DSE cluster. Set the bypass_dse_metrics_storage option to True to bypass redundant storage of metrics when the Graphite labs feature is enabled in OpsCenter.
Warning: If the DSE metrics storage has been disabled but the Graphite reporter is not configured for receiving the metrics, a warning is logged that user should enable an option for metrics storage.


  1. Open cluster_name.conf for editing. Substitute cluster_name with the name of your cluster. Setting agent options through the cluster configuration file sets the corresponding property in address.yaml on every node.
    If necessitated by your environment, open address.yaml for editing and configure at the node level. Do so for every node that requires a specific configuration override.
  2. Add the following configuration options:
    [labs] graphite_host
    Setting graphite_host enables the forwarding of metrics to a graphite server at the given address. Leaving the graphite_host blank disables forwarding metrics to the graphite server.
    [labs] graphite_port
    Port for graphite's plaintext protocol.
    [labs] graphite_prefix
    A prefix to insert metrics under.
    [labs] bypass_dse_metrics_storage
    Enable or disable storing metrics in a monitored or a separate storage DSE cluster. Metrics are stored in a DSE monitored or storage cluster by default. Default: False.
    graphite_host =
    graphite_port = 2003
    graphite_prefix = opscenter
    bypass_dse_metrics_storage = True
  3. Save the configuration file or files.
  4. Restart the OpsCenter daemon.
  5. Optional: If you made changes to address.yaml, restart the DataStax agents.