Configuring tiered storage alerts

About this task

Configure tiered storage alerts to monitor data distribution and performance metrics for storage tiers. Add graphs for the following metrics:

Alerts are not supported for TIER: Max Data Age.


  • For centralized configuration convenience, configure the strategy and tiers in Lifecycle Manager and run a configuration job to push the configuration to all applicable nodes.

  • Apply tiered storage to a table schema and define the maximum age of data in each tier:

    CREATE TABLE ks.tbl (k INT, c INT, v INT, PRIMARY KEY (k, c))
    WITH COMPACTION={'class':'org.apache.cassandra.db.compaction.TieredCompactionStrategy',
        'tiering_strategy': 'TimeWindowStorageStrategy',
        'config': 'strategy1',
        'max_tier_ages': '3600,7200'};

    See DSE Tiered Storage for complete details.


  1. Click Alerts from the main OpsCenter monitoring menu.

    The Active Alerts dialog appears.

  2. Click Manage Alerts > Add Alert.

    The Add Alert dialog appears.

  3. In the Notify me when menu, select Advanced > DSE > TIER: metric name.

    Navigation menus to tiered storage alerts

  4. Specify the notification criteria, the table, and the tier on which to notify as well as the notification frequency.

    Alert on a storage tier

  5. Click Save Alert.