Configuring tiered storage metric graphs

About this task

Configure tiered storage graphs to visually monitor data distribution and performance metrics for storage tiers. Add graphs for the following metrics:


  • For centralized configuration convenience, configure the strategy and tiers in Lifecycle Manager and run a configuration job to push the configuration to all applicable nodes.

  • Apply tiered storage to a table schema and define the maximum age of data in each tier:

    CREATE TABLE ks.tbl (k INT, c INT, v INT, PRIMARY KEY (k, c))
    WITH COMPACTION={'class':'org.apache.cassandra.db.compaction.TieredCompactionStrategy',
        'tiering_strategy': 'TimeWindowStorageStrategy',
        'config': 'strategy1',
        'max_tier_ages': '3600,7200'};

    See DSE Tiered Storage for complete details.


  1. Click Cluster > Dashboard.

  2. Clone the Default preset tab and give it a name such as Tiered storage.


  3. Click Add Graph.

    The Add Metric dialog appears.


  4. Complete the dialog for each metric graph:

    1. Choose the TIER metric from the Metric list.

    2. Choose the nodes to monitor from the Node list.

    3. Choose the tables to monitor from the Tables list.

    4. Choose the tiers to monitor from the Tiers list.

    5. Click Add Metric.

      The graph appears in the dashboard.


    6. Repeat these steps for each tier metric and the corresponding nodes, tables, or tiers that you need to monitor.