Decommission a node

About this task

Decommission a node using OpsCenter Nodes administration.

For more information about manually decommissioning a node, see the corresponding nodetool decommission command.


If OpsCenter role-based security is enabled, be sure that the permission for the Decommission option in Cluster Topology is enabled for the appropriate user roles.


  1. Click cluster name > Nodes.

  2. In the Ring or List view, select the node to decommission.

    The Node Details dialog appears.


  3. From the Actions menu, click Decommission.

    The Decommission Node dialog prompts you to confirm the operation.


  4. Click Decommission Node.

    If you decommission and replace a node using the same hardware or virtual machine, the agent service must be restarted after the node is decommissioned. Restart the agents.

  5. Restart opscenterd.