Synchronizing backup data after an upgrade

About this task

The first time the Backup Service starts, it scans for existing backups, and populates the backup_reports table. If there is no backup activity, or OpsCenter was recently upgraded, the Activity page indicates there is no backup activity available at this time.

  • If the OpsCenter instance has no prior version, create a backup to get started.

  • If OpsCenter was just upgraded, click the link to synchronize activity.

Screenshot of the OpsCenter UI while data syncronization is taking place.


  1. Select cluster name > Services.

  2. Select the Details link for the Backup Service.

  3. To manually synchronize the backup_reports table, click the inline sync activity link or Actions > Synchronize Data.

    The Synchronize Backup History Data dialog appears.


  4. Select the locations whose history you want to synchronize and click Sync Backup Data.