Spark supported types

Spark supported CQL types are mapped to Scala types.

This table maps CQL types to Scala types. All CQL types are supported by the DataStax Enterprise Spark integration. Other type conversions might work, but cause loss of precision or not work for all values. Most types are convertible to strings. You can convert strings that conform to the CQL standard to numbers, dates, addresses or UUIDs. You can convert maps to or from sequences of key-value tuples.
Table 1. Supported types
CQL Type Scala Type
ascii String
bigint Long
blob ByteBuffer, Array
boolean Boolean
counter Long
decimal BigDecimal, java.math.BigDecimal
double Double
float Float
int Int
list Vector, List, Iterable, Seq, IndexedSeq, java.util.List
LineStringType LineString
map Map, TreeMap, java.util.HashMap
PointType Point
PolygonType Polygon
set Set, TreeSet, java.util.HashSet
text, varchar String
timestamp Long, java.util.Date, java.sql.Date, org.joda.time.DateTime
timeuuid java.util.UUID
uuid java.util.UUID
varint BigInt, java.math.BigInteger
nullable values Option