nodesync validation

Monitors and manages user-triggered validations.

Monitors and manages user-triggered validations.


[dse] nodesync main_options validation
(cancel id | 
list | 
submit [(-r KB | --rate KB)]  [--] table_name [range ...] ) 
[(--quiet | (-v | --verbose))]

Main options

The following options apply to all nodesync commands.
-ca, --cql-auth-provider cql_Authprovider
CQL auth provider class name.
-cp, --cql-password cql_password
CQL password.
-cs | --cql-ssl
Use SSL for CQL connection.
-cu, --cql-username cql_username
CQL username.
-h, --host cql_host
Connect to the specified remote CQL host.
Displays options and usage instructions. Use nodesync help subcommand for more information on a specific command.
-jp, --jmx-password jmx_password
JMX password.
-jpf, --jmx-password-file jmx_password_file
Path to JMX password file.
-js | --jmx-ssl
Use SSL for JMX.
-ju, --jmx-username jmx_username
JMX username.
-p, --port cql_port
Connection port for CQL.
-k, --keyspace keyspace_name
Specify a default keyspace for unqualified table names or wildcards in the table_list.
Suppress warning and error messages.
-v | --verbose
Display all messages.
Separates table list from the rest of the command.
Target tables using any of the following methods:
  • Qualified table names: keyspace_name.table_name. For example, cycling.comments.
  • Default keyspace -k option with:
    • Unqualified table names. For example -k cycling cyclist_alt_stats comments cyclist_races.
    • An asterisk in double quotes to select all tables. For example, -k cycling "*".
-n, --nodes node_list
Only disable tracing on the listed nodes. Specify the host name or IP address in a comma separated list.

Default: all nodes.

Suppresses messages from displaying on stdout.

validation options

cancel id
Cancel the specified user-triggered validation.
list [(-a | --all)]

List user validations. Use -a to list all, running or validations that completed in the past day.

Default: Only running validations are displayed.

submit [options] table_name [range]
Submit a forced user validation.

-r KB, --rate KB Rate to be used just for this validation, in KB per second.

Suppress warning and error messages.
Separates command-line options from the list of argument. Use when arguments might be mistaken for command-line options.
-v | --verbose
Display all messages.


List all nodesync validations:
nodesync validation list --all

Identifier                            Table                 Status      Outcome  Duration  ETA  Progress  Validated  Repaired

1e6255f0-7754-11e9-aad8-579eeacd08f6  cycling.comments      running     ?             0ms    ?        0%         0B        0B
0ac37290-7754-11e9-ab57-0f1d9fa56691  cycling.cyclist_races successful  success      24ms    -      100%         0B        0B
Possible Outcome values are:
Operation still in progress. No outcome available yet.
Some partitions could not be repaired because there were not enough live replicas. Errors may or may not have occurred. Any errors are written to the console.
Errors occurred, but enough replicas were available for partitions that did not have errors. Any errors are written to the console.
Enough (but not all) replicas were alive to repair or check that the data was in sync among the live replicas.
All data was in sync or successfully repaired.