nodetool tablehistograms

Returns performance metrics for read and write operations during the past 15 minutes. Formerly nodetool cfhistograms.

Returns troubleshooting and performance metrics for a table during the past 15 minutes. Formerly nodetool cfhistograms. Use this tool to analyze performance, tune individual tables, and ensure the percent latency level meets the Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the data stored in the table.

Table performance statistics include the following metrics:
  • read/write latency
  • partition size
  • cell count
  • number of SSTables


nodetool [connection_options] tablehistograms 
[--] keyspace_name table_name
Tarball path:


The short form and long form parameters are comma-separated.

Connection options

-h, --host hostname
The hostname or IP address of a remote node or nodes. When omitted, the default is the local machine.
-p, --port jmx_port
The JMX port number.
-pw, --password jmxpassword
The JMX password for authenticating with secure JMX. If a password is not provided, you are prompted to enter one.
-pwf, --password-file jmx_password_filepath
The filepath to the file that stores JMX authentication credentials.
-u, --username jmx_username
The username for authenticating with secure JMX.

Command arguments

Separates an option from an argument that could be mistaken for a option.
The keyspace name.
The table name.


Get statistics for the events table cycling keyspace:

nodetool tablehistograms cycling events


cycling/events histograms
Percentile  SSTables     Write Latency      Read Latency    Partition Size        Cell Count
                              (micros)          (micros)           (bytes)
50%             1.00            126.93            654.95              2759                 3
75%             1.00            152.32           1358.10              5722                 3
95%             1.00            785.94           5839.59             17084                 3
98%             1.00           1629.72          12108.97             29521                 3
99%             1.00           2346.80          12108.97             42510                 3
Min             1.00             73.46            219.34               104                 3
Max             1.00           2346.80          12108.97            219342                 3