Accessing OpsCenter Lifecycle Manager

Navigate between OpsCenter Lifecycle Manager and OpsCenter Monitoring.

The Lifecycle Manager (LCM) interface opens in a separate browser tab from the OpsCenter interface. After completing an install job using LCM, return to the OpsCenter interface in the other browser tab to view metrics and other information about the recently installed cluster.

Tip: In addition to the web interface, every aspect of LCM can be automated using the LCM API.


Lifecycle Manager performs provisioning and system configuration actions, which require secrets such as SSH credentials and DSE user passwords.


  1. Access Lifecycle Manager:
    • When you first launch OpsCenter, the Welcome to DSE OpsCenter dialog appears. Click Create a new cluster. Lifecycle Manager launches in another browser window.

    • Click Lifecycle Manager from the OpsCenter navigation menu.
      Note: Accessing Lifeycle Manager requires the Admin role if OpsCenter authentication is enabled. If the Lifecycle Manager menu is gray and unavailable, contact your OpsCenter admin.

      LCM menu option disabled when OpsC auth enabled and user not Admin role

      Lifecycle Manager launches in another browser window.

    • Within OpsCenter Lifecycle Manager, click OpsCenter Monitoring to return to monitoring DSE clusters in DSE OpsCenter.

  2. Should you happen to open Lifecycle Manager in multiple browser windows or tabs, a dialog appears.

    To navigate to your desired location:

    • Click the re-open LifeCycle Manager link to open Lifecycle Manager again.
    • Click Reload the page to open OpsCenter monitoring.
    • Click Go Back to return to the Welcome to DSE OpsCenter dialog.