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DSE OpsCenter is a visual management and monitoring solution for DataStax Enterprise. OpsCenter Lifecycle Manager (LCM) provisions DataStax Enterprise (DSE) clusters and centrally manages cluster configurations.
OpsCenter release notes provide information about new and improved features, known and resolved issues, and bug fixes.
Instructions for installing OpsCenter are available in the DataStax Installation Guide.
Instructions for upgrading DSE OpsCenter are available in the DataStax Upgrade Guide.
Recommendations and suggested settings for deploying OpsCenter at scale in production environments.
Configure security features, alerts, failover, and much more in OpsCenter.
OpsCenter is a Web application for monitoring and administering all nodes in a DataStax Enterprise cluster from one centralized console. OpsCenter runs on the client-side in a web browser.
Ports reference, instructions for starting and stopping OpsCenter and DataStax Agents, default file locations, and a startup log for OpsCenter.
DataStax Enterprise comes bundled with enterprise management services that you can configure and run using OpsCenter.
Issues experienced with OpsCenter and solutions or workarounds.
Simplify deploying and configuring DataStax Enterprise clusters with Lifecycle Manager.
OpsCenter RESTful API provides programmatic management for monitoring and managing DataStax Enterprise clusters.