Providing credentials for CQLSH

To start a CQL shell (cqlsh) session with a node that has DataStax Enterprise authentication enabled, provide credentials using cli options or in the cqlshrc file .

Provide a username and password to connect to a node on an authentication enabled DataStax Enterprise cluster using credentials:
  • Stored in the cqlshrc file
  • Specified by command line options


The default location of the cqlshrc.sample files depends on the type of installation:
Package installations /etc/dse/cassandra
Tarball installations installation_location/resources/cassandra/conf

Debugging cqlsh authentication

If problems authenticating occur, use the --debug option to show CQL shell settings and connection details.


  • Set credentials in the cqlshrc file:
    1. Create or modify the ~/.cassandra/cqlshrc file by adding an [authentication] section with a username and password.
      username = role_name
      password = password
      Note: See cqlshrc.sample for an example.
    2. Save the file in $HOME/.cassandra directory.
    3. Set permissions on the file to prevent unauthorized access, as the password is stored in plain text.
      chmod 440 $HOME/.cassandra/cqlshrc
    4. Check the permissions on $HOME/.cassandra/cqlshrc_history to ensure that plain text passwords are not compromised.
  • On the command line:
    • Prompt for password
      cqlsh -u user_name
    • No prompt
      cqlsh -u user_name -p password