Keyspace properties

About using CQL keyspace and table properties.

The CQL WITH clause specifies keyspace and table properties in these CQL commands:

CQL keyspace properties 

CQL supports setting the following keyspace properties in addition to naming data centers.
  • class

    The name of the replication strategy : SimpleStrategy or NetworkTopologyStrategy

  • replication_factor

    A replication factor is the total number of replicas across the cluster. The replication_factor property is used only when specifying the SimpleStrategy, as shown in CREATE KEYSPACE examples.

For production use or for use with mixed workloads, create the keyspace using NetworkTopologyStrategy. SimpleStrategy is fine for evaluation purposes. NetworkTopologyStrategy works equally well for evaluation and is recommended for most other purposes. NetworkTopologyStrategy must be used with mixed workloads and simplifies the transition to multiple data centers if and when required by future expansion.

You can also configure the durable writes property when creating or altering a keyspace.