Interface AdminSpawnOptions

The options available spawning a new AstraAdmin instance.

Note that this is only available when using Astra as the underlying database.

If any of these options are not provided, the client will use the default options provided by the DataAPIClient.

interface AdminSpawnOptions {
    adminToken?: null | string | TokenProvider;
    endpointUrl?: string;
    monitorCommands?: boolean;


adminToken?: null | string | TokenProvider

The access token for the DevOps API, typically of the format 'AstraCS:...'.

If never provided, this will default to the token provided when creating the DataAPIClient.

May be useful for if you want to use a stronger token for the DevOps API than the Data API.


const client = new DataAPIClient('weak-token');

// Using 'weak-token' as the token
const db = client.db();

// Using 'strong-token' instead of 'weak-token'
const admin = client.admin({ adminToken: 'strong-token' });
endpointUrl?: string

The base URL for the devops API, which is typically always going to be the following:
monitorCommands?: boolean

Whether to monitor commands for AstraAdmin-level & DbAdmin-level events through an event emitter.

Defaults to false if never provided. However, if it was provided when creating the DataAPIClient, it will default to that value instead.


const client = new DataAPIClient('*TOKEN*', {
  devopsOptions: {
  monitorCommands: true,

client.on('adminCommandStarted', (e) => {
  console.log(`Running command ${e.method} ${e.path}`);

client.on('adminCommandPolling', (e) => {
  console.log(`Command ${e.method} ${e.path} running for ${e.elapsed}ms`);

client.on('adminCommandSucceeded', (e) => {
  console.log(`Command ${e.method} ${e.path} took ${e.duration}ms`);

client.on('adminCommandFailed', (e) => {
  console.error(`Command ${e.method} ${e.path} failed w/ error ${e.error}`);

const admin = client.admin();

// Logs:
// - Running command POST /databases
// - Command POST /databases running for <time>ms [x10]
// - Command POST /databases succeeded in <time>ms
await admin.createDatabase({ ... });

Default Value