Interface FullDatabaseInfo

Represents the complete information about a database.

interface FullDatabaseInfo {
    availableActions?: DatabaseAction[];
    cost?: CostInfo;
    cqlshUrl?: string;
    creationTime?: string;
    dataEndpointUrl?: string;
    grafanaUrl?: string;
    graphqlUrl?: string;
    id: string;
    info: DatabaseInfo;
    lastUsageTime?: string;
    message?: string;
    metrics?: DbMetricsInfo;
    observedStatus: DatabaseStatus;
    orgId: string;
    ownerId: string;
    status: DatabaseStatus;
    storage?: DatabaseStorageInfo;
    terminationTime?: string;


availableActions?: DatabaseAction[]

The available actions that can be performed on the database

cost?: CostInfo

The cost information for the database

cqlshUrl?: string

CQLSH URL for the database

creationTime?: string

Creation time, in ISO RFC3339 format

dataEndpointUrl?: string

REST URL for the database

grafanaUrl?: string

Grafana URL for the database

graphqlUrl?: string

GraphQL URL for the database

id: string

The id of the database

The user-provided information describing a database

lastUsageTime?: string

The last time the database was used, in ISO RFC3339 format

message?: string

Message to the user about the cluster

metrics?: DbMetricsInfo

Basic metrics information about the database

observedStatus: DatabaseStatus

The observed status of the database.

orgId: string

The id of the organization that owns the database

ownerId: string

The id of the owner of the database

The current status of the database.

Contains the information about how much storage space a cluster has available

terminationTime?: string

The termination time, in ISO RFC3339 format, if the database was terminated