Database limits

Learn about the usage limits of Astra DB Serverless and how to increase them if needed.


  • A database cannot have more than five collections.

  • You cannot create a collection or load data to a specific region using the Astra Portal. You must use the initial region you selected when you created the database.


There is a limit to the number of fields you can have and the amount of data you can store in a single field.

  • A collection cannot have more than 64 fields.

  • A document cannot put more than 10 MB of data into a single field.


There is a limit to the number of SAI indexes you can have.

  • A database cannot have more than 50 SAI Indexes.

  • A collection cannot have more than 10 SAI Indexes.

Rate limits

The default Astra DB Serverless rate limit is ~12,000 operations per second (ops/sec). Batches count as a single operation, regardless of the number of operations in a batch.

Astra DB Serverless workloads can be limited to 4,096 ops/sec. This additional rate limiting can occur for newly created or idle database when the load increases suddenly. If you encounter rate limiting exceptions or errors, retry those requests with a back-off strategy until the database has scaled and is able to receive a higher request rate. If you expect a sudden increase in traffic for an idle database, warm up your database or contact your Account Manager to upgrade your database with provisioned capacity.

For help with rate limiting, contact DataStax Support to raise this limit.

Free plans

Organizations on the free plan have some additional limits.

  • A free organization can have up to five databases.

  • Each database can have up to five collections.

Upgrade your organization to a Pay As You Go or Enterprise plan to increase these limits.

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