nodetool gcstats

Print garbage collection (GC) statistics.

Print garbage collection (GC) statistics.


nodetool [options] gcstats
Table 1. Options
Short Long Description
-h --host Hostname or IP address
-p --port Port number
-pwf --password-file Password file path
-pw --password Password
-u --username User name
-- Separates an option from an argument that could be mistaken for a option.
  • For tarball installations, execute the command from the install_location/bin directory.
  • If a username and password for RMI authentication are set explicitly in the file for the host, then you must specify credentials.
  • nodetool assassinate operates on a single node in the cluster if -h is not used to identify one or more other nodes. If the node from which you issue the command is the intended target, you do not need the -h option to identify the target; otherwise, for remote invocation, identify the target node, or nodes, using -h.


The nodetool gcstats command will print garbage collection statistics that returns values based on all the garbage collection that has run since the last time nodetool gcstats was run. Statistics identify the interval time, some GC elapsed time measures, the disk space reclaimed (in MB), number of garbage collections that took place, and direct memory bytes.


nodetool -u cassandra -pw cassandra gcstats
The location of the file depends on the type of installation:
Package installations /etc/cassandra/
Tarball installations install_location/conf/