Configuring firewall port access

Which ports to open when nodes are protected by a firewall.

If you have a firewall running on the nodes in your Cassandra cluster, you must open up the following ports to allow communication between the nodes, including certain Cassandra ports. If this isn’t done, when you start Cassandra on a node, the node acts as a standalone database server rather than joining the database cluster.

Table 1. Public ports
Port number Description
22 SSH port
Table 2. Cassandra inter-node ports
Port number Description
7000 Cassandra inter-node cluster communication.
7001 Cassandra SSL inter-node cluster communication.
7199 Cassandra JMX monitoring port.
Table 3. Cassandra client ports
Port number Description
9042 Cassandra client port.
9160 Cassandra client port (Thrift).