Removing a node

Reduce the size of a datacenter.

Use these instructions when you want to remove nodes to reduce the size of your cluster, not for replacing a dead node.
Attention: If you are not using virtual nodes (vnodes), you must rebalance the cluster.


  • Check whether the node is up or down using nodetool status:

    The nodetool command shows the status of the node (UN=up, DN=down):

  • If the node is up, run nodetool decommission.

    This assigns the ranges that the node was responsible for to other nodes and replicates the data appropriately.

    Use nodetool netstats to monitor the progress.

  • If the node is down, choose the appropriate option:
  • If the node does not stop streaming data to other nodes because gossip has stale state data for the node, run nodetool assassinate.