Tarball installation directories

Configuration files directory locations.

The configuration files are located in the following directories:

Configuration and sample files Locations Description
cassandra.yaml install_location/conf Main configuration file.
cassandra-env.sh install_location/conf Linux settings for Java, some JVM, and JMX.
jvm.options install_location/conf Static JVM settings for heap, garbage collection, and Cassandra startup parameters.
cassandra.in.sh install_location/bin Sets environment variables.
cassandra-rackdc.properties install_location/conf Defines the default datacenter and rack used by the GossipingPropertyFileSnitch, Ec2Snitch, Ec2MultiRegionSnitch, and GoogleCloudSnitch.
cassandra-topology.properties install_location/conf Defines the default datacenter and rack used by the PropertyFileSnitch.
commit_archiving.properties install_location/conf Configures commitlog archiving.
cqlshrc.sample install_location/conf Example file for using cqlsh with SSL encryption.
metrics-reporter-config-sample.yaml install_location/conf Example file for configuring metrics in Cassandra.
logback.xmlcat install_location/conf Configuration file for logback.
triggers install_location/conf The default location for the trigger JARs.

The binary tarball releases install into the installation directory.

Directories Description
bin Utilities and start scripts.
conf Configuration files and environment settings.
data Directory containing the files for commitlog, data, and saved_caches (unless set in cassandra.yaml.)
interface Thrift legacy API.
javadoc Cassandra Java API documentation.
lib JAR and license files.
tools Cassandra tools and sample cassandra.yaml files for stress testing.