The sstablekeys utility dumps table keys.

The sstablekeys utility dumps table keys.

  • Package installations: $ sstablekeys sstable_name
  • Tarball installations:
    $ cd install_location/tools
    $ bin/sstablekeys sstable_name


  1. If data has not been previously flushed to disk, manually flush it. For example:
    nodetool flush cycling cyclist_name
  2. To list the keys in an SSTable, find the name of the SSTable file.
    The file is located in the data directory and has a .db extension.
    • Package installations: /var/lib/cassandra/data
    • Tarball installations: install_location/data/data
  3. Look at keys in the SSTable data. For example, use sstablekeys followed by the path to the data. Use the path to data for your Cassandra installation:
    ## Package installations
    $ sstablekeys /var/lib/cassandra/data/cycling/cyclist_name-a882dca02aaf11e58c7b8b496c707234/la-1-big-Data.db
    ## Tarball installations
    $ sstablekeys install_location/data/data/cycling/cyclist_name-a882dca02aaf11e58c7b8b496c707234/la-1-big-Data.db

    The output appears, for example: