Connect the client session to a keyspace.

Connect the client session to a keyspace.


USE keyspace_name
Table 1. Legend
  • Uppercase means literal
  • Lowercase means not literal
  • Italics mean optional
  • The pipe (|) symbol means OR or AND/OR
  • Ellipsis (...) means repeatable

A semicolon that terminates CQL statements is not included in the synopsis.


A USE statement identifies the keyspace that contains the tables to query for the current client session. All subsequent operations on tables and indexes are in the context of the named keyspace, unless otherwise specified or until the client connection is terminated or another USE statement is issued.

To use a case-sensitive keyspace, enclose the keyspace name in double quotation marks.


USE PortfolioDemo;

Continuing with the example of checking created keyspaces:

USE "Excalibur";