Using DevCenter

A short tutorial on using DataStax DevCenter to create and maintain DataStax Enterprise databases.

DataStax DevCenter is compatible with DataStax Enterprise (DSE) versions up to 5.0.

This tutorial introduces DevCenter. Using sample queries files, it shows you how to use CQL to extract data from the DataStax Enterprise database.


  • Download and install DataStax DevCenter.
  • A DataStax Enterprise cluster installed and running.

This tutorial uses a simple CQL schema included with DevCenter and provides some data.


  1. Select Open CQL Script in the CQL Scripts pane to open the sample VideoDb schema CQL file.
  2. Select the Execute CQL Script button.

    A new node, videodb, appears in the Schema Navigator pane.

  3. Open the sample VideoDB data file from the CQL Scripts pane to insert some data in the videodb schema.
  4. Execute the CQL statements.
  5. Open the sample VideoDB queries file from the CQL Scripts pane.

    The file contains some sample queries to execute against the videodb schema. Copying and pasting them into a blank CQL script and then executing them illustrates how to extract data from the database.

  6. Open the VideoDB user-defined type (UDT) and tuples file from the CQL Scripts pane.
    This file demonstrates usage of UDTs and tuples.