About DataStax DevCenter

Information about DataStax DevCenter features.

About this document

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About DataStax DevCenter

DataStax DevCenter is a free visual schema and query IDE for creating and running CQL (Cassandra Query Language) statements against DataStax Enterprise. Users can quickly add and create new connections, import previously saved queries, and navigate database instances. Tabbed editors allow users to work on multiple database sessions at a time and compare results.

Features in DevCenter 1.0

  • A smart CQL editor that provides
    • syntax highlighting
    • code auto-completion (both keyword and snippet)
    • real-time script validation against the current connection
  • Schema explorer view for browsing
    • keyspaces
    • tables
    • other database objects (such as user-defined types and materialized views)
  • Outline view for allowing quick navigating long CQL scripts
  • Configuring connections to DataStax Enterprise clusters requiring authorization