Installing DataStax Desktop

Steps for installing DataStax Desktop.

Steps for installing DataStax Desktop.


  1. From DataStax Downloads, download and install DataStax Desktop for your operating system (OS).
    1. Select DataStax Desktop from the Tools list.
    2. Select your operating system from the Package drop-down list.
    3. Agree to the DataStax Desktop Terms.
    4. Select Download.
  2. Download and install Docker for your OS.
  3. Start Docker.
    Tip: It can take several minutes for Docker to start.
    Tip: You do not need to create a Docker account to use Docker with DataStax Desktop.
    Note: For Windows, you might be prompted to enable Hyper-V, which results in a system reboot.
  4. Start DataStax Desktop.
    Note: For Windows installations, Microsoft Defender SmartScreen might prevent the application from starting. Select More info to confirm the publisher DataStax, Inc. If the publisher is DataStax, Inc., select Run anyway.

What's next

Provision a local stack.