DSE version not supported by LCM

LCM indicates that the current version of DSE is unsupported.

When attempting to edit a Config Profile in Lifecycle Manager (LCM), the following error message might display:

Unsupported DSE Version
DSE 6.1.2 is not supported by this version of LCM

LCM stores metadata about DataStax Enterprise (DSE) configuration parameters in definition files. These errors indicate that the specified version of DSE is not listed in the definition files available to OpsCenter and LCM. This situation can occur for the following reasons:

Upgrading OpsCenter

If the version of DSE is End Of Life (EOL) or End Of Service Life (EOSL), and you completed a major release upgrade of OpsCenter, then OpsCenter cannot access definition files for that DSE version. Check the supported software page for supported DSE versions. If your DSE version is unsupported, upgrade DSE to a supported version or downgrade OpsCenter to a version that supports the currently installed DSE version.

Updating definition files offline

By default, OpsCenter attempts to download definition files automatically from DataStax. If network connectivity or security policies prevent this outbound HTTPS connection from completing, definitions cannot be updated automatically. The result is that newly released DSE versions will not be supported by OpsCenter and LCM. Because DataStax cannot control the order and timing in which these updates are applied, it can lead to the following scenarios:

Manually updating definition files improperly can cause this error to display. Consider the following example:

  1. OpsCenter administrator manually updates OpsCenter definition files. These definition files include support for DSE 6.1.2, which was released more recently than the installed OpsCenter version.
  2. OpsCenter user creates a configuration profile in LCM for DSE 6.1.2.
  3. OpsCenter administrator upgrades OpsCenter to a newer version, but one which still predates DSE 6.1.2. The definition files bundled with this version of OpsCenter do not include DSE 6.1.2 support.
  4. OpsCenter user attempts to edit the previously created configuration profile, or run a job on a cluster with that profile applied. LCM cannot access metadata associated with DSE 6.1.2 because the definition files are not included, which leads to errors.

In this scenario, manually updating definition files again should restore the ability for LCM to view, edit, and run jobs associated with the DSE 6.1.2 configuration profile.