Kafka Connect metrics

Use the Apache Kafka Connect Framework Java Management Extensions (JMX) metrics to monitor the DataStax Apache Kafka Connector consumption of topics.

Tip: This section covers a limited subset of the available JMX metrics. See Apache Kafka Connect monitoring for a detailed reference.

Kafka Connect - Consumer metrics

Consumer metrics relevant for monitoring the DataStax Kafka Connector.

Monitor the rate at which messages are pulled by the worker running the DataStax Apache Kafka Connector.
Tip: See Apache Kafka consumer metrics documentation.

Fetch manager metrics

Use the fetch manager MBean to monitor the rate messages are pulled from the topic:
Number of records for any partition in this window. An increasing value over time is a good indication that the consumer group is not keeping up with the producers.
objectName='kafka.consumer:type=consumer-fetch-manager-metrics,client-id=id' attribute='records-lag-max'
where the id is typically a number assigned to the worker by the Kafka Connect.
The average number of records consumed per second.
objectName='kafka.consumer:type=consumer-fetch-manager-metrics,client-id=datastax_connector_id' attribute=records-consumed-rate'
where the id is typically a number assigned to the worker by the Kafka Connect.

Stream metrics

Monitor the attribute values of the Connection Stream MBean:
Bytes per second read from all sockets by the worker.
objectName='kafka.consumer:type=consumer-fetch-manager-metrics,client-id=datastax_connector_id' attribute='incoming-byte-rate'
where the id is typically a number assigned to the worker by the Kafka Connect.

Kafka Connect - Connector metrics

Number of records accessed across the number of partitions by the DataStax Apache Kafka Connector.

Monitor the number of records pulled by each DataStax Apache Kafka Connector task.
Tip: tasks.max sets the maximum number of tasks the DataStax Connector can run.

Sink Task metrics

Use the Kafka Connect Sink Task metrics to get information on the number of Kafka records and partitions.
Use an asterisk to display all tasks or specify a task number..
The total number of records polled by this task, measured since the task was last restarted.
objectName='kafka.connect:type=sink-task-metrics,connector=*,task=*' attribute='sink-record-read-total'
The number of topic partitions assigned to this task. Shows how the partitions are balance amongst the tasks.
objectName='kafka.connect:type=sink-task-metrics,connector=*,task=*' attribute='partition-count'