Using the DataStax Apache Kafka Connector with Kerberos

Authenticate the DataStax Apache Kafka Connector session using Kerberos.

When connecting to a cluster that has Kerberos enabled, set up the following:
  • Service accounts:
  • On the Kafka Connect nodes:
    • Install kinit. This utility obtains and caches Kerberos tickets used for authentication. See Installing and configuring UNIX client machines.
    • Setup krb5.conf, which identifies the KDS (key distribution server), Kerberos administration server, and contains other settings. Required for Kerberos client tools, such as kinit. See Client machine configuration files.
    • Create a keytab file. A keytab file contains a certificate that allows the connector to obtain credentials without re-entering the password each time it initiates session with the cluster.
    • Set Kerberos parameters in the DataStax Connector configuration file.