Configuring AlwaysOn SQL using LCM

Configure the AlwaysOn SQL service for DSE Analytics using Lifecycle Manager.

Configure the AlwaysOn SQL service for DSE Analytics using Lifecycle Manager.


Review the documentation for the feature. See Using AlwaysOn SQL service.
Tip: When AlwaysOn SQL is enabled within an Analytics datacenter, all nodes within the datacenter must have AlwaysOn SQL enabled. Add a Config Profile and associate it to the datacenter in the Clusters area of LCM. Running a configure job pushes the configuration to all nodes in the datacenter. After running the job, monitor the node status in OpsCenter Monitoring.

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  1. Click Config Profiles from the Lifecycle Manager navigation menu.
  2. Click the edit icon for the configuration profile you want to edit, or click Add config profile if you have not already added a config profile.
  3. In the Config Profile pane under the Cassandra section, click dse.yaml.
  4. Scroll down to the AlwaysOn SQL Server Options panel and select the enabled option.
    The panel expands to show available configuration options.

    AlwaysOn SQL options can be configured in the dse.yaml section of LCM Config Profiles

  5. Adjust the default settings as appropriate for your environment. See AlwaysOn SQL options for complete details.
  6. LCM configuration profiles have authentication enabled by default through DSEAuthenticator and its internal scheme. To enable AlwaysOn SQL to work with this configuration, follow these steps:
    1. In the Config Profile pane under the Spark section, click hive-site.xml.
      Tip: Click Show Field Descriptions to view available tooltips for fields.
      Hive site settings necessary for AlwaysOn when SSL and authentication are enabled
    2. Set the jdbc-auth-type to password for SparkSQL JDBC connections. This step assumes the Config Profile has internal authentication scheme enabled, which is the default. For background information, see Using authentication with AlwaysOn SQL.
  7. If TLS is enabled in cassandra.yaml, follow these steps to enable SSL for AlwaysOn SQL:
    1. To specify using SSL for JDBC connections, select use-ssl in hive-site.xml.
    2. Enter the same keystore path and keystore_password as those set for client-to-node encryption in cassandra.yaml. For background information, see Enabling SSL for AlwaysOn SQL.
    3. Create the auth_user role in the system_auth.roles table and ensure any roles that will use AlwaysOn SQL have proxy permissions. See auth_user and Setting up roles for applications for details.
  8. Click Save to save the Config Profile.

What's next

  1. Go to the Clusters workspace in Lifecycle Manager and select the config profile to apply at the cluster, datacenter, or node level.
  2. Run a configure job to apply the config profile changes.