Update handler statistics

Records core-specific direct update handler statistics over time.

Record core-specific direct update handler statistics over time.

Note: Do not to confuse this with Update request handler statistics.

A few fields in this table have both cumulative and non-cumulative versions. The non-cumulative statistics are zeroed out following rollback or commit, while the cumulative versions persist through those events. The exception is errors, which is actually cumulative and takes into account a few failure cases that cumulative_errors does not.

JMX analog



CREATE TABLE dse_perf.solr_update_handler_metrics (
  node_ip inet,
  core text,
  date timestamp,
  time timestamp,
  adds bigint,
  cumulative_adds bigint,
  commits bigint,  
  autocommits int,
  autocommit_max_time text,
  autocommit_max_docs int,
  soft_autocommits int,
  soft_autocommit_max_docs int,
  soft_autocommit_max_time text,
  deletes_by_id bigint,
  deletes_by_query bigint,  
  cumulative_deletes_by_id bigint,
  cumulative_deletes_by_query bigint,
  expunge_deletes bigint,
  errors bigint,
  cumulative_errors bigint,
  docs_pending bigint,
  optimizes bigint,
  rollbacks bigint,
  PRIMARY KEY ((node_ip, core, date), time)
WITH gc_grace_seconds=0
node_ipinetNode IP address.
coretextSearch core name, such as keyspace.table.
date timestampMidnight on the mm/dd/yyyy the statistics were recorded.
timetimestampExact time the statistics were recorded.
addsbigintDocument add commands since last commit/rollback.
cumulative_addsbigintCumulative document additions.
commitslongNumber of explicit commit commands issued.
autocommitsintNumber of auto-commits executed.
autocommit_max_timetextMaximum time between auto-commits.
autocommit_max_docsintMaximum document adds between auto-commits.
soft_autocommitsintNumber of soft auto-commits executed.
soft_autocommit_max_docsintMaximum time between soft auto-commits.
soft_autocommit_max_timeintMaximum document adds between soft auto-commits.
deletes_by_idlongCurrently uncommitted deletions by ID.
deletes_by_querybigintCurrently uncommitted deletions by query.
cumulative_deletes_by_idbigintCumulative document deletions by ID.
cumulative_deletes_by_querybigintCumulative document deletions by ID.
expunge_deletesbigintNumber of commit commands issued with expunge deletes.
errorsbigintCumulative errors for add/delete/commit/rollback commands.
cumulative_errorsbigintCumulative errors for add/delete commands.
docs_pendingbigintNumber of documents pending commit.
optimizesbigintNumber of explicit optimize commands issued.
rollbacksbigintNumber of rollbacks executed.

Snapshots recorded on 10/17/2014 for core keyspace.table on the node

FROM solr_update_handler_metrics 
WHERE node_ip = '' AND core = 'keyspace.table' AND date = '2014-10-17';

Most recent 5 snapshots recorded on 10/17/2014 for core keyspace.table on the node

FROM solr_update_handler_metrics
WHERE node_ip = ''
    AND core = 'keyspace.table' 
    AND date = '2014-10-17'