How to specify a property.

Synopsis ['key', 'value'] [,...], [, 'property_id'])


Property data is inserted using property. Property key-value pairs are specified. A property_id may be specified, to upsert data for a multiple cardinality property to prevent creation of a new property.


Create a property with values for gender and nickname.'gender', 'M', 'nickname', 'jimmy')
Update the property gender for the vertex juliaChild specifying a property with a property id of 2c85fabd-7c49-4b28-91a7-ca72ae53fd39:
uuid = java.util.UUID.fromString('2c85fabd-7c49-4b28-91a7-ca72ae53fd39')'gender', 'F',, uuid)'
Note that a conversion function must be used to convert a string to the UUID. is a literal that must be included in the statement.