Streams a set of SSTable data files to a live cluster.


The location of the cassandra.yaml file depends on the type of installation:
Package installations /etc/dse/cassandra/cassandra.yaml
Tarball installations installation_location/resources/cassandra/conf/cassandra.yaml
Streams a set of SSTable data files from the sstable_directory to a live cluster. The target keyspace and table are the parent directories of the sstable_directory.
Warning: DSE verifies that the contents of the SSTables match the schema of the tables you are loading. User-defined types (UDTs) are a part of the keyspace, so loading an SSTable with a UDT from a different keyspace is incompatible, and will be rejected. A table is only allowed to use UDTs that exist in the same keyspace as the table.

For example, to load an SSTable named Standard1-g-1-Data.db into Keyspace1/Standard1, have the files Standard1-g-1-Data.db and Standard1-g-1-Index.db in directory /path/to/Keyspace1/Standard1/.

The default location of this SSTable tool depends on the type of installation:
  • Package installations: /usr/bin/
  • Tarball installations: installation_location/resources/cassandra/bin


[-alg algorithm] [-ap authentication_provider]
[-ciphers cipher_suite] [-cph num_connections_per_host
[-d initial_host] [-df dse.yaml_path] 
[-f cassandra.yaml_path] [-h] 
[-i node] [-idct throttle_speed] 
[-ks keystore_path] [-kspw keystore_password] 
[--no-progress] [-p native_transport_port]
[-prtcl SSL_protocol] [pw password] 
[-sp storage_port] [-ssp ssl_storage_port] [-st store_type] 
[-t throttle_speed] [-ts truststore_path] [-tspw truststore_password] 
[-u username] [-v]
Table 1. Legend
Syntax conventions Description
UPPERCASE Literal keyword.
Lowercase Not literal.
Italics Variable value. Replace with a valid option or user-defined value.
[ ] Optional. Square brackets ( [ ] ) surround optional command arguments. Do not type the square brackets.
( ) Group. Parentheses ( ( ) ) identify a group to choose from. Do not type the parentheses.
| Or. A vertical bar ( | ) separates alternative elements. Type any one of the elements. Do not type the vertical bar.
... Repeatable. An ellipsis ( ... ) indicates that you can repeat the syntax element as often as required.
'Literal string' Single quotation ( ' ) marks must surround literal strings in CQL statements. Use single quotation marks to preserve upper case.
{ key:value } Map collection. Braces ( { } ) enclose map collections or key value pairs. A colon separates the key and the value.
<datatype1,datatype2> Set, list, map, or tuple. Angle brackets ( < > ) enclose data types in a set, list, map, or tuple. Separate the data types with a comma.
cql_statement; End CQL statement. A semicolon ( ; ) terminates all CQL statements.
[ -- ] Separate the command line options from the command arguments with two hyphens ( -- ). This syntax is useful when arguments might be mistaken for command line options.
' <schema> ... </schema> ' Search CQL only: Single quotation marks ( ' ) surround an entire XML schema declaration.
@xml_entity='xml_entity_type' Search CQL only: Identify the entity and literal value to overwrite the XML element in the schema and solrconfig files.


The short form and long form parameters are comma-separated.

Command arguments

-alg,--ssl-alg algorithm
Client SSL algorithm. Default: SunX509.
-ap,--auth-provider authentication_provider
Custom AuthProvider class name. Can be combined with -u username and -pw password if the AuthProvider supports plain text credentials.
-ciphers, --ssl-ciphers cipher-suite
Comma-separated list of encryption suites for Client SSL.
-cph,--connections-per-host num_connections_per_host
Number of concurrent connections per host.
-d, --nodes initial_host
Required. Comma-separated list of hosts to connect to initially for ring information.
-df, --dse-conf-path dse_yaml_path
The dse.yaml filepath.
-f, --conf-path cassandra_yaml_path
The filepath to a cassandra.yaml config file to override only these encryption options that were set in the cassandra.yaml file that was read at startup:
-h, --help
Display the usage and listing of the commands.
-i, --ignore node
Comma-separated list of nodes to ignore.
-idct, --inter-dc-throttle throttle_speed
Inter-datacenter throttle speed in Mbits. Default: unlimited.
-ks,--keystore keystore_path
Filepath to keystore for SSL client-to-node encryption. Overrides the client_encryption_options in cassandra.yaml.
-kspw,--keystore-password keystore_password
Client SSL keystore password. Overrides the client_encryption_options in cassandra.yaml.
Do not display progress.
-p, --port native_transport_port
Port for native connection. Default: 9042.
-prtcl,--ssl-protocol SSL_protocol
Client SSL connections protocol. Overrides the server_encryption_optionsin cassandra.yaml. Default: TLS.
-pw,--password password
Cassandra authentication password.
-sp, --storage-port storage_port
Port for internode communication. Default: 7000.
-ssp, --ssl-storage-port ssl_storage_port
Port for TLS internode communication. Default: 7001.
The filepath to the SSTable data directory. The data_file_directories property in cassandra.yaml defines the default directory.
-st, --store-type store_type
Client SSL store type.
-t, --throttle throttle_speed
Throttle speed in Mbits. Default: unlimited.
-ts,--truststore truststore_path
Client SSL filepath to truststore.
-tspw,--truststore-password truststore_password
Client SSL truststore password.
-u,--username username
Cassandra authentication username.
Verbose output.


Package installation

sstableloader -d /var/lib/cassandra/data/cycling/cyclist_name-9e516080f30811e689e40725f37c761d/1527686840030

Tarball installation

dse-6.7.0/bin/sstableloader -d /var/lib/cassandra/data/cycling/cyclist_name-9e516080f30811e689e40725f37c761d/1527686840030