Information about DataStax DevCenter features.
Installing DevCenter
Installing DevCenter is easy.
Using DevCenter
A short tutorial on using DataStax DevCenter to create and maintain Apache Cassandra databases.
Using SSL connections
Connecting DevCenter to an SSL-enabled Apache Cassandra or DataStax Enterprise cluster.
DataStax Studio reference topics.
With DevCenter, you can manage multiple connections to Apache Cassandra or DataStax Enterprise clusters and edit and run CQL scripts against those clusters.
Working with JSON data
JSON is supported in INSERT and SELECT statements in the CQL Script editor.
Keyboard shortcuts
DataStax DevCenter keyboard shortcuts.
Formatting data
By default, DevCenter displays datatypes in a certain format. You can modify these formats.
Usage data
DataStax would like your help improving the quality and performance of DevCenter.
User-defined functions and aggregate functions
The CQL Script editor supports the creation of user-defined functions (UDF) in CQL and their use in INSERT and SELECT statements.
Frequently asked questions about DevCenter.