With DevCenter, you can manage multiple connections DataStax Enterprise clusters and edit and run CQL scripts against those clusters.

The default main window for DevCenter has six panes arranged clockwise from the top left-hand corner:

Connection Manager
Creates, deletes, opens, and closes cluster connections.
Query Editor
A text editor for writing and executing CQL queries. When more than one file is open, it is a tabbed pane. The cluster against which the queries are executed appears in a drop-down menu.
Schema Navigator
Shows the schemas (keyspaces) of the currently active cluster.
Shows the results of the last run query.
Query Trace
Shows the trace session of the last run query.
CQL Scripts
Creates, deletes, or opens for editing a CQL script.
Shows the CQL statements in the currently open CQL script. Double-clicking takes you to the corresponding statement in the open file.

DevCenter is built using the Eclipse RCP (Rich Client Platform) and allows you to customize the panes organization as you prefer.