nodetool mark_unrepaired

Mark all target SSTables as unrepaired.

Mark all SSTables of a table or keyspace as unrepaired. Use when no longer running incremental repair on a table or keyspace.

WARNING: This operation marks all targeted SSTables as unrepaired, potentially creating new compaction tasks. Only use if no longer running incremental repair on this node.


nodetool mark_unrepaired [-f] [--] keyspace_name [table_name ...]  
Cassandra tarball installations:

Nodetool general options

The following options apply to all nodetool commands.

Table 1. Options
Short Long Description
-h --host Hostname or IP address.
-p --port Port number.
-pwf --password-file Password file path.
-pw --password Password.
-u --username Remote JMX agent username.
-- Separates an option from an argument that could be mistaken for a option.


-f, --force
Confirms the operation.
keyspace_name [table_name …]
Requires a keyspace. To target specific tables, enter a space separated list of tables.
Note: When no table name is specified, marks all tables in the keyspace as unrepaired.