Inserting JSON data into a table

Inserting JSON data with the INSERT command for testing queries.

In a production database, inserting columns and column values programmatically is more practical than using cqlsh, but often, testing queries using this SQL-like shell is very convenient. For JSON data all values will be inserted as a string if they are not a number, but will be stored using the column data type. For example, the id below is inserted as a string, but is stored as a UUID. For more information, see What's New in Cassandra 2.2: JSON Support.


  • To insert JSON data, add JSON to the INSERT command.. Note the absence of the keyword VALUES and the list of columns that is present in other INSERT commands.
    cqlsh> INSERT INTO cycling.cyclist_category JSON '{
      "category" : "GC", 
      "points" : 780, 
      "id" : "829aa84a-4bba-411f-a4fb-38167a987cda",
      "lastname" : "SUTHERLAND" }';
  • A null value will be entered if a defined column like lastname, is not inserted into a table using JSON format.
    cqlsh> INSERT INTO cycling.cyclist_category JSON '{
      "category" : "Sprint", 
      "points" : 700, 
      "id" : "829aa84a-4bba-411f-a4fb-38167a987cda"