Customizing automatic resource generation

You can customize solrconfig.xml and schema.xml generation by providing a yaml-formatted file of options.

You can customize solrconfig.xml and schema.xml generation by providing a yaml-formatted file of options:

The maximum auto soft commit time in milliseconds.


The schema field to use when no field is specified in queries.


The Solr/Cassandra type mapping version.


The class name of the directory factory.


Specify to enable generation of non-stored string copy fields for non-key text fields. Text data can be tokenized or non tokenized. The enable_string_copy fields is false by default. True creates a non-stored, non-tokenized copy field, so that you can have text both ways.

Define the fields to automatically configure doc values in the generated schema. Specify '*' to add all possible fields:
generate_docvalues_for_fields: '*' ## You can omit this parameter or not specify a value
or specify a comma-separated list of fields, for example:
generate_docvalues_for_fields: uuidfield, bigintfield

The index merge factor.


The index ram buffer size in megabytes.

Enable live indexing to increase indexing throughput. Enable live indexing on only one Solr core per cluster.

Example to customize the solrconfig and yaml

For example, create a yaml file that lists the following options to customize the solrconfig and yaml:
default_query_field: name
auto_soft_commit_max_time: 1000
generate_docvalues_for_fields: '*'
enable_string_copy_fields: false

Use the dsetool command to create the core and customize the solrconfig and schema generation. Use coreOptions to specify the YAML file, for example:

dsetool create_core nhanes_ks.nhanes generateResources=true coreOptions=config.yaml

Example to create a core with live indexing on

To create the core with live indexing (also known as RT), use the dsetool command to create the core and use coreOptions to specify a YAML file that includes the rt: true setting, for example:
dsetool create_core udt_ks.users generateResources=true reindex=true coreOptions=rt.yaml

where the contents of the rt.yaml are rt: true

You can verify that DSE Search created the solrconfig and schema by reading core resources using dsetool.