Explore the Solr Admin

After you create the Solr core, use the browser-based Solr Admin to verify that the Solr index is working.

After creating the Solr core, you can verify that the Solr index is working by using the browser-based Solr Admin:
Note: For DataStax Enterprise 4.8.13 and later, users require SELECT permissions on any search core that they view. Specific permissions are required for all core operations when using the Solr Admin UI. See Required permissions for Solr Admin UI.


To explore the Solr Admin:

  1. Click Core Admin. Unless you loaded other Solr cores, the path to the default Solr core, nhanes_ks.nhanes, appears.
    At the top of the Solr Admin console, the Reload, Reindex, and Full Reindex buttons perform functions that correspond to RELOAD command options. If you modify the schema.xml or solrconfig.xml, you can use these controls to re-index the data or you can use the classic POST approach used in the advanced tutorial.
  2. Check that the numDocs value is 20,050. The number of Solr documents corresponds to the number of rows in the CSV data and nhanes table you created in Cassandra.
  3. In Core Selector, select the name of the Solr core, nhanes_ks.nhanes.
    Selecting the name of the Solr core brings up additional items, such as Query, in the vertical navigation bar.