Scaling up by adding workers

Increase workload throughput by adding additional workers.

To increase throughput, accommodate the workload, or increase fault tolerance, scale Kafka Connect workers horizontally.

Tip: The Kafka Connect framework automatically rebalances the load when workers are added by reallocating the tasks among the workers.


Provision a system with Apache Kafka and install the DataStax Apache Kafka Connector. See Installing the DataStax Kafka Connector.
Note: Kafka Connect is packaged with the Apache and Confluent Kafka distributions.


  1. The configuration setting for the new worker must match the worker configuration of the group which this worker will join.
    Verify that the following settings in
    A list of host/port pairs to use for establishing the initial connection to the Kafka cluster.
    Unique name for the Kafka Connect worker group.
    Note: Must not conflict with other consumer group IDs.
    Specifies the format of the data for the key in Kafka and how to translate it into Connect data.
    Specifies the format of the data for the value in Kafka and how to translate it into Connect data.
    true if the Kafka records have a defined schema for the key; otherwise false.
    Topic to use for storing connector and task configurations; note that this should be a single partition, highly replicated, and compacted topic.
    Topic to use for storing offsets. This topic should have many partitions and be replicated and compacted.
    Topic to use for storing statuses. This topic can have multiple partitions and should be replicated and compacted.
  2. Verify that the plugin.path includes the location of the connector.
  3. Start the worker. See Start the DataStax Connector in distributed mode.