Providing Kerberos credentials using a ticket cache

Configure a Kerberos Ticket Cache for DSE clients.

Configure Kerberos for the DataStax Enterprise (DSE) clients, including dsetool, DSE FS, DSE Graph, and DSE Spark.


These steps require MIT Kerberos tools:


  1. Create a JAAS configuration file for the DSE Client as follows:
    Use the default name .java.login.config and put the file in the user's home directory. Set the DSE client class to and define the variables as follows:
    DseClient { required
  2. (Optional) If the JAAS configuration is not in the default location or has a different name, customize the location using on of the following methods:
  3. Use kinit to get a ticket:
    Start kinit:
    kinit -f principal_name