Specify writetime timestamp column

Optionally specify the column to use for the writetime timestamp when inserting records from Kafka into DSE or DDAC database tables.

In the Kafka topic mapping, you can optionally specify which column should be used to note the timestamp when the Kafka-produced record was inserted into the DataStax Enterprise (DSE) or DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra™ (DDAC) database table. The mapping setting provides a special property, __timestamp. The format is:
topic.my_topic.my_ks.my_table.mapping=col1=key.f1, col2=value.f1, __timestamp=value.f2

By default, DSE and DDAC internally track the writetime timestamp of records inserted from Kafka. However, this __timestamp feature in the mapping supports the scenario where the Kafka records have an explicit timestamp field that you want to use as a writetime for the DSE or DDAC record produced by the connector.

When you map the __timestamp value, you may also want to specify the timeUnit of the provided timestamp. The default is MICROSECONDS. For example, if your column used as the timestamp is in a different format (for example SECONDS) set it to SECONDS. The connector will automatically transform it to proper DSE or DDAC timestamp format; that is, to MICROSECONDS. Example: