Configure logging for Kafka Connector

Configure logging for DataStax Apache Kafka Connector.

There are two ways to configure logging for DataStax Apache Kafka Connector.
  1. Add an entry for com.datastax.oss.kafka.sink loggers in etc/kafka/ This file is used automatically by Kafka Connector at startup. For example, if you want to set the log level for this connector to DEBUG, you can add the following entry in the properties file:
    You can configure the setting to operate at lower granularity level. Example:
  2. Or dynamically configure the loggers of your Kafka Connector. Once your Kafka Connect API is running, retrieve all dynamic logger configurations using a curl command. (These examples specify localhost; provide the address of the running connect worker.)
    curl -s http://localhost:8083/admin/loggers/ | jq
    To dynamically set an ERROR log level for com.datastax.oss.kafka.sink, submit a PUT request via curl:
    curl -s -X PUT -H "Content-Type:application/json" \
          http://localhost:8083/admin/loggers/com.datastax.oss.kafka.sink \
          -d '{"level": "ERROR"}' \
          | jq '.'
When you retrieve loggers again, as in the following example, upper and lower level granularity loggers are set:
curl -s http://localhost:8083/admin/loggers/com.datastax.oss.kafka.sink | jq
  "com.datastax.oss.kafka.sink": {
      "level": "ERROR"
  "com.datastax.oss.kafka.sink.CassandraSinkTask": {
      "level": "ERROR"
Again, you can set log level dynamically at a lower granularity level, such as WARN. Example:
curl -s -X PUT -H "Content-Type:application/json" \
  http://localhost:8083/admin/loggers/com.datastax.oss.kafka.sink.CassandraSinkTask \
  -d '{"level": "WARN"}' \
  | jq '.'