OpsCenter 6.1.2 Release Notes

Release notes for the OpsCenter version 6.1.2 release.

26 July 2017

Upgrade Information

Important: Review the 6.1 changes pertinent to the release as noted in the DSE OpsCenter Upgrade Guide. Configuration and other notable changes are provided in detail.


To see which versions of DataStax Enterprise are supported with OpsCenter 6.x, see the OpsCenter Compatibility chart.

Known Issues

Important: Review the list of known issues before running a new OpsCenter version on a production DSE cluster.

Changes in this release

The following changes are included in this release.

  • Changed the UI labeling from deleting a cluster to disconnecting a cluster in the Edit Connection Settings dialog to make it clear that the clusters themselves are not actually deleted. (OPSC-10654)
  • Removed the redaction of usernames from agent logs. Passwords continue to be redacted. (OPSC-10285)
  • Combined the Services and Operations panels in the Nodes page. (OPSC-12270)
  • Changed the UI labeling from deleting a cluster to disconnecting a cluster in the Edit Connection Settings dialog to make it clear that the clusters themselves are not actually deleted. (OPSC-10654)
  • Added the ability to select or deselect all permissions for OpsCenter roles. (OPSC-11757)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented CQL Solr queries from being reflected in OpsCenter metrics. (OPSC-12071)
  • Fixed issue with agent connections in some failover situations. (OPSC-11292)
  • When the listen_address field in cassandra.yaml file is left blank, OpsCenter agents now default to the same listen address as DSE. (OPSC-12246)
  • Fixed a bug where OpsCenter failed to display a correct representation of the cluster state after an LCM job restart. (OPSC-12376)
  • Corrected an issue where the agent was using a legacy method to authenticate with DSE. (OPSC-12560)
  • Changed the icon for the Last Install Status Pending state in the Agent Status view. The icon is now differentiated from the Installing icon. (OPSC-11229)
  • Added ClientRequest metrics for various types of unsuccessful reads and writes. (OPSC-12186)
  • OpsCenter metrics storage can now be disabled by using the bypass_dse_metrics_storage configuration option in cluster_name.conf or address.yaml. (OPSC-12235)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the ring for a vnode cluster to display with a large gap. (OPSC-12426)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the selection of day for the duration of an alert. (OPSC-12351)
  • Fixed an issue where a change to the percentile of an alert would not take effect without restarting opscenterd. (OPSC-12352)
Backup Service
  • Fixed issue where backup report dialog would display date and time of backup in the local time zone of the browser rather than UTC. (OPSC-7261)
  • Zipped version of backup files are now automatically deleted after being uploaded to destinations. (OPSC-9131)
  • Corrected an issue that required the user to provide a value for local_interface when configuring agents for use on dense nodes. (OPSC-11777)
  • Improved commit log status display when no commit logs have been archived. (OPSC-12062)
  • There were occasional problems when restoring a backup related to schema changes. This was improved by better logic around waiting for schema agreement. (OPSC-12231)
  • Fixed issue where S3 upload failed with message "resetting to invalid mark". (OPSC-12278)
  • Fixed issue where Backup Service would incorrectly report a restore as failed due to a misreading of the bulk load status. (OPSC-12317)
  • A bug in scheduling was found and fixed where a scheduled job (notably backups) would be rerun almost immediately after the second time it was executed. (OPSC-12205)
Repair Service
  • Suppress the Repair Won't Finish In Time alert when elapsed throughput is below the configured min_throughput property value. (OPSC-12207)
  • Developed new optimizations for making subrange repair metadata processing more performant for large and/or dense clusters. (OPSC-11976)
Lifecycle Manager (LCM) Provisioning
  • Updated SSH errors to be more helpful. (OPSC-10849)
  • Updated unexpected password prompt errors to have a more helpful error message. (OPSC-12484)
  • Added support to detect and log when openssl and keytool binaries are missing on the LCM node. (OPSC-12210)
  • Improved error message around bad LCM decryption keys. (OPSC-12306)
  • Added human readable message under the message field for API errors. (OPSC-12498)
  • If the openssl or keytool executables are missing, this will be reported in the LCM UI as a job event. (OPSC-12519)
  • Eliminated SQLITE_BUSY errors when using LCM. (OPSC-11885)
  • LCM ensures that the correct version of DSE is present before modifying the target node in configure jobs. (OPSC-12503)
  • Corrected a bug that could cause comments to fail to display in LCM cluster, datatacenter, and node edit pages. (OPSC-12558)