The nodetool utility

A command line interface for Cassandra for managing a cluster.

Command format 

The nodetool utility is a command line interface for managing a cluster.

  • Packaged installs: nodetool -h HOSTNAME [-p JMX_PORT ] COMMAND
  • Tarball installs: install_location/bin/nodetool -h HOSTNAME [-p JMX_PORT ] COMMAND
  • Remote Method Invocation: nodetool -h HOSTNAME [-p JMX_PORT -u JMX_USERNAME -pw JMX_PASSWORD ] COMMAND

    If a username and password for RMI authentication are set explicitly in the file for the host, then you must specify credentials.

Most nodetool commands operate on a single node in the cluster if -h is not used to identify one or more other nodes. These commands operate cluster-wide:

If the node from which you issue the command is the intended target, you do not need the -h option to identify the target; otherwise, identify the target node, or nodes, using the -h option.

Getting nodetool help 

nodetool help
Provides a listing of nodetool commands.
nodetool help command name
Provides help on a specific command. For example
$ nodetool help upgradesstables