Apache Cassandra™ 2.0

The sstablescrub utility

An offline version of nodetool scrub. This tool attempts to remove the corrupted parts while preserving non-corrupted data.

Use this offline version of nodetool scrub to fix (throw away) corrupted tables. Before using this tool, try rebuild the tables using nodetool scrub. Because corrupted rows are thrown away, run a repair after running this tool.


  • Packaged installs: sstablescrub [options] <keyspace> <table>
  • Tarball installs: install_location/bin/sstablescrub [options] <keyspace> <table>
Flag Option Description
--debug Display stack traces.
-h --help Display help.
-m --manifest-check Only check and repair the leveled manifest, without actually scrubbing the SSTables.
-v --verbose Verbose output.

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