nodetool clearsnapshot 

Removes one or more snapshots.

Removes one or more snapshots.


$ nodetool <options> clearsnapshot -t <snapshot> --  <keyspace> ... 
Short Long Description
-h --host Hostname or IP address
-p --port Port number
-pwf --password-file Password file path
-pw --password Password
-u --username User name
-- Separates an option from an argument that could be mistaken for a option.
Other options are:
  • -t means the following file contains the snapshot.
  • snapshot is the name of the snapshot.
  • keyspace is one or more keyspace names, separated by a space.


Deletes snapshots in one or more keyspaces. To remove all snapshots, omit the snapshot name.

Removing all snapshots or all specific keyspace snapshots also removes OpsCenter backups.
Note: On Windows, the clearsnapshot command doesn't always succeed when invoked (if, for example, the associated sstables are still being mapped). If clearsnapshot fails, Cassandra retries periodically, and also when the node is shutdown or restarted.